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Crystal Godfrey Bartlett has a Food Science and Nutrition degree from Brigham Young University.  She was trained on food law while working at NuSkin International and later applied that to products produced at the contract manufacturer Cornerstone Labs located in Salt Lake City, Utah and the Essential Oil Company Young Living before turning independent and working with 100 more companies across the United States to date.

We take your final formula and create an FDA compliant supplement Fact or Nutrition Facts panel.  We educate you in the process so that future formulations and the label creation process becomes smoother.  The panel can then be implanted into your label that a designer creates for you.  Daily Value Labeling Interprets 100’s of labeling law into a simple panel ready for print.  Daily Value Labeling can provide a graphic designer but the main purpose is for food and supplement law interpretaion and compliance.  The formulas are kept confidential and a non-disclosure agreement can be signed if desired.

Each label costs between $100 and $200 depending on the complexity of the formula.  Daily Value Labeling will evaluate the formula and give you a quote before starting the work.  Included in the cost of a label is one on one education of the laws that apply to your product, print or import ready panel, final rough sketch of the full label, labeling claims allowed with your formula.

Two simples forms need to be completed; confidentiality agreement (if desired) and formula submission.  Daily Value Labeling will submit back a quote for the job and complete the label within 7 to 10 working days.  Rush labels can be requested.

Confidentiality Agreement – this form can be printed, signed and returned to me.  I will sign and return.

Formula Submission – this form needs to be filled out and returned to me so that I can evaluate and give you a quote on the label.