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Out; Trans Fat Like Bell Bottom Trousers

Well, it’s official, Trans Fat is the new evil fat of the decade.  Like trends in fashion, trans fat is out like bell bottom trousers.  On June 16, 2015 the FDA announced that all food companies have three years to remove all trans fats from their food.  Big sigh.  I hear you.  First saturated fat is the spawn of satan.  The only cheers for that one was from Babe and his pork friends happy to be saving their bacon.  Next the witch hunters came after poor cholesterol.  Our avian compadres’ eggs were sent back to the kitchen uneaten. And now my friends, we have villainized trans fat.  Trans fat is a wonder of science.  Something liquid turned solid.  Sounds like a David Copperfield magic trick.  But alas, the Copperfield of food science is being booed off the stage.  The heart of this controversy is….the heart.   Heart disease has been America’s number one killer for a long time.  Fats are to blame and so they take their turn on the merry go round of condemned villains.  Will eliminating trans fat from our foods slow down the plaque build up in our arteries?  Who knows, but for now; remove those trans fats and increase the sugar and salt to compensate.  That always does the heart good.

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